Photo by Adam Scott for Lomography using a Holga camera.

Photo by Adam Scott for Lomography using a Holga camera.

An introduction to Ninety

Growing up around reggae sound-systems / bands and then the culture of hip hop from an early age produced a dancer, poet and graffiti writer, as the original hip hop elements encouraged self-expression in many forms. Fully involved in word sound power image and movement.

A break came when Edwin Starr (Motown) asked him to produce some illustrations and paint his stage set for his upcoming European tour. This led on to painting shop and club interiors for other businesses with his Graf partner Scorn from the Altered Cultured Crew, making handmade flyers and painting backdrops for music events. The positive feedback propelled him further on the course of image making.

After studying art and then a degree in graphic design Ninety settled in London and worked for a design company 'The Unknown' producing record sleeves and promotional material for various labels / bands in the UK music industry from the 90's onwards.

During this period also writing his style of poetry and recording vocals for the Groove Corporation (G.CORP), he enjoyed life with a full band on tour around Europe performing with poetry and dance. 

Through those years painting regularly and being involved with collaborative art projects encouraged the spirit of creativity... for example: creating ten 8ft characters cut out of wood to stand over the crowd gathering to celebrate the release of hip hop producer Prince Paul's new LP 'Prince of Thieves' ...among many adventures.

Starting his own studio ONEDRINPEN around 2006 gave Ninety a chance to take on projects that presented a challenge and helped to further develop his skill set.

First up was art directing and designing the world wide distributed magazine 'BOLZ' then collaborating to create animations for Exceptional records and then Lynx shampoo.

After meeting photographer Adam Scott they went on to produce five books for Lomography (a champion of analogue photography and a global movement that began in Austria). 9T created all the art and design of the books from cover to cover which proved to be an immense task as it involved harmonising many disciplines in a short period of time, including typography (designing a headline font for each book), illustration, graphic design and art direction. The first book both a celebration and kind of inspiration manual for the Holga camera, when released increased Holga camera sales by 50% and was a hit with their global online community of photographers, designers and other creatives immersed in Lomography as well as winning new fans. 

Another successful book project happened with the documentary style music photographer and artist Dennis Morris, which was based around his pictures of the group The Stone Roses. This was to be the first time the images would be made public and there was widespread media coverage. 

The early passion for Graffiti, the freedom, spirit and message have inspired many around the world to produce amazing works including Ninety as he continues to explore his take on it through many forms.

"we must learn, explore, evolve ideas that communicate empowering messages so others can feel inspired to be and live to their best ability..." 9T


Studio OneDrinPen contact: 9T@ONEDRINPEN.COM